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We're Alabaster & Elm.
The Team
We believe that
no matter what your limitations may be, you are worthy of a safe and inviting place to call home. We believe that your home should be the place where you can rest and breathe easily.
We love to
step into other people’s spaces and make it feel more like home. Your home is your canvas and should reflect and celebrate who you are through interior design. We value searching for beauty in the chaos and living in perfectly imperfect spaces.
The aim of
our marketplace is to help support small businesses by purchasing from their stores straight to your home. We value caring for our city and the people who call it home.
Welcome to Alabaster & Elm. We are so glad you are here, make yourself at home.
You've probably heard enough, but hey, if not, we'd love to share our individual stories with you!
I'm Dayna
Hey there! I’m one of the Co-Founders of Alabaster & Elm and the Director of Design. I wanted to tell you a little bit about myself. I am married to my high school love (he didn’t like me until college) and we have a little babe, Emma. I love Jesus, people, Chick-fil-a, and exploring new ethical/sustainable shops!

I first realized I had a passion for design when I moved out of my first apartment and into a space that we had loved for a long time. My husband and I just threw what we had together and made it work with each rooms unique challenges. I wanted to make our new home actually feel like home and I wanted it to be inviting for everyone who came in. Now I dream about renovating my own home and I light up reading design books and honing in on my personal style.

My style is a mix of transitional, bohemian, and country modern. I love mixing well-kept traditional pieces with new country modern pieces and then adding a pop of color! I love making my space feel bright, open, and cozy. I am all about neutral colors but I have a feeling that may somewhat change once my baby gets older! I also love minimalism and living simply in general which lends itself to my other passion for organization!
I'm Mary
Hi! I’m one of the Co-Founders of Alabaster & Elm and the Director of the Marketplace. A little bit about me- I have two beautiful boys, Moses and Arrow, who are 5 and 3 years old. I love to create and imagine. I find myself constantly envisioning how to make spaces feel more warm, safe, and inviting. You can usually find me rearranging rooms and furniture, finding a unique thrift store item to add to my home, or playing hot wheels and paw patrol with my wild boys while drinking way too much coffee.

I gained a passion for creating a space when I first was married. We had such a tight budget for our wedding that I had to find unique ways of finding decor and it really sparked a joy and passion in me. We were missionaries and lived in many different spaces and environments, so I wanted us to feel at home even if we lived in the tiniest of rooms. That also ignited my passion for thrift stores - finding beautiful pieces to add to our home and giving life back to old and used items.

My daydreaming and constant envisioning of different spaces I believe adds to my nature of being able to change up my style at any given moment. I would say that I always have some sort of bohemian vibe happening. I love layering - give me all the rugs and I will find the perfect way to layer them. Jars and picture frames are next and top it off with some candles and soft lighting. I love adding layers and textures into my home. My hope is that everyone walks into a warm, inviting space and they feel like they can wrap themselves up in a blanket and cuddle up on my couch.
I'm Karly
Hey Friend! If I have known you for five years or five minutes - you’re my people. I’m Karly Reyle, one of the three Co-Founders of Alabaster & Elm and the Director of Marketing. I wanted to share who I am with you. I am passionate about helping people feel welcomed and invited in. I love Jesus and aim to reflect Him more than myself. I’m married to my first grade crush, Evan. We have a little daughter named Hadley Grace and our life is both crazy and sweet.

I’ve always had a creative eye. I would say it’s a gene passed down from my mother who had an artist as a father. I didn’t utilize and explore my passion for interior design until just a few years ago when I had my own space to call home. Thankfully my husband and I share a similar style, so we have enjoyed making our home reflect the two of us. Money has always been a bit tight for us, so we have become creative in finding ways to restore and reuse items we already have. We recently turned a kitchen item into a light fixture and a chicken feeder into a hanging succulent planter. It’s fun to get creative and try to look around at what could be. We also really enjoy thrift store hopping on weekends and finding hidden treasures there that hold rich stories.

Currently, I would say my style is a bit bohemian/rustic. We live in a one hundred year old home, so we want to honor the home and the history. We love old and new. We love color and we enjoy adding more life in our home with different patterns and textures. We have hanging plants in each room - currently we are at fourteen plant babies. We painted the inside and outside of our front door yellow to brighten up our space. We enjoy hanging lights and candlesticks. There is a beautiful turkish rug in our dining room passed down by my grandparents. Fresh cut flowers from the garden will be found throughout the home.