Beaded Garland Tutorial

January 25, 2021
by Mary
styled garland

The winter months can be so tough, from less time outside to more people being sick, and not to mention this last year we’ve had to deal with a global pandemic. Seasonal depression can hit hard. I’ve learned through my own struggles with depression that carving out a time to make something or do something I really enjoy adds comfort to my day. Painting pictures, restoring furniture pieces, making jewelry or adding depths and texture to a coffee table or mantle are all activities which have encouraged my heart and mind when times are tough and lonely. I hope this tutorial can help bring something beautiful and unique to your home and joy to your heart.

beaded garland materials
Head on over to your local store and pick up some beads that charm you. We stopped by Hobby Lobby to pick up ours. The simple and natural always appeals to us, so we grabbed natural wooden beads that came in a pack of different sizes. For some color, we collected matte purple beads, textured glass beads that sort of resemble sea glass and these beautiful white sandy beads. I handmade tassels from twine using this tutorial. Finally, we grabbed twine for stringing the beads. If your beads end up being as small as ours, you may need to use fishing wire instead.
Measure String
beaded garland measure string
Measure out how long you would like your garland to be depending on where you are placing it. We decided we wanted to make our garland around 3 feet so it could fit well on a coffee table, on top of books, or placed in a tray. Leave a little extra length so you’re able to tie your tassels. As we began, we realized that our twine was too thick to fit the smaller beads, so we grabbed some fishing wire instead.
Tie That Tassle
beaded garland tassle tie
Thread your string through the tassel loop and knot it two or three times to make sure it won’t come apart once beads are added.
Create a Pattern
beaded garland pattern beaded garland pattern beaded garland pattern beaded garland pattern
The pattern we used started with smaller beads, next moving to medium, then large, back to medium, and ending with small. We made sure to add a good mixture of color and natural tones as we sorted through each section. Creating patterns that vary dimensions of size and color bring depth to your garland.
Tie That Other Tassle
beaded garland tassle tie
Leave room at the end of your design to loop the string through your second tassel, and make sure to either double or triple knot it so it’s secure.
beaded garland finished product
Here is our final product! We absolutely loved how it turned out. You can style this anywhere in your house. We imagined placing ours over a couple books on a coffee table, laying in a tray, or draping it out of a pretty decor bowl.
Giveaway Time!
beaded garland giveaway beaded garland giveaway
We want to give these beautiful bead garlands away as a thank you for reading our posts and being a part of our blog community. To be entered to win one of these beauties, all you need to do is repost this blog on your instagram stories and be following us! We will post the winners on our instagram Wednesday, January 27th at 5:00pm est.