How To Decorate With a Toddler

December 14, 2020
by Dayna

Hey there friends! Today we are going to talk about how to decorate with a baby or toddler, but let’s just be real…. These tips and ideologies can be helpful for any home, even the ones with no kids! Honestly, part of me wishes I would have decorated my first apartment completely different based off of some of these ideas. Here are a few tips and tricks for having a stylish home that isn’t overrun with toys everywhere and marker on every cushion you own.

Buy Less
Back in the day I had so much stuff - like things everywhere because I had no closets to store things. I thought I needed to buy everything from Target every time I went in. I mean, sometimes I still do buy everything I touch when I go to Target because it is all so beautiful, but you really don’t need it all! There is so much beauty in having an intentional and simplistic home.
There is a different sense of home when you are surrounded by items that you have carefully chosen and thought through. Instead of quickly walking through Home Goods and buying anything that peaks your interest, take a few days or weeks of living in the in between to figure out what you actually want in a space and you will typically end up buying what you actually love instead of what you will like for one season. Now, here is where the toddler comes in… If you buy less random stuff there is less for your kid to destroy! Also, your baby doesn’t need a million and one toys that they will inevitably not play with because they would rather have fun with your kitchen utensils or your leftover Chobani drink container! Are you starting to sense my minimalism already??
All I buy for my babe is the Lovevery box that comes every other month. We have almost no other toys outside of what gets sent to us in those boxes so they are pretty and my daughter loves them! It’s a win-win for mama and baby!
Buy Durable, Yet Stylish
Practicality and style don’t have to be opposites. There are so many companies, like Ruggable and Article, that focus on making durable and kid-friendly products so that parents don’t have to sacrifice style. Take your time when buying larger items so that you find something you absolutely love and make sure that it is designed to endure for a long time!
Baskets, Baskets, and Then More Baskets
If you take anything away from this post, let it be my extreme love for using baskets in my home. There is an unending feed of baskets to choose from to fit your personal style and it can immediately liven up a space while subtly hiding toys and baby blankets! I have all matching baskets throughout my house that are all different shapes and sizes to perfectly fit the space I need it to fit in. My baskets conceal toys, shoes, blankets, books, and the list goes on.
Having baskets is also really helpful for cleanup time. Your home will inevitably end up exploding with toys all over the floor and having a basket nearby makes it a quick and easy pickup time once the kids are asleep. Nobody needs an elaborate organizational method for toys that will end up all being thrown on the floor the next day. Take 5 minutes to throw everything in your basket and then enjoy the rest of your evening so you aren’t stepping on legos every night! (rip every parents feet)
Hang Whatever You Can
Hanging things on your wall can often be modified easily based on whatever your style choice is. The options are endless for how to use your empty wall space to create more warmth while displaying the things you love and hold dear. Leave the floor for the child and put up a shelf to hold all of the breakables. You can create a gallery wall or hang a plant from your ceiling. (Your welcome for saving your carpet from the dirt being smashed into it). Hanging shelves can be really simple and inexpensive, especially for those of us who aren’t the usual DIY gals! Go to Lowe’s, get some wood and brackets, then add a taller picture with some dried flowers and a candle and you have yourself a beautiful shelf!
Toddlerhood is simply not the time for an elegant bookshelf with gorgeous vases and little potted plants all over it. Utilize your wall space and place those gorgeous vases and potted plants in a place that your babe can’t quite reach.
Literally Bless The Mess
At the end of the day, your home will become a mess. Crumbs will end up on the rug, your couch will have marker on it, play dough will get smashed into places that don’t make sense, and things will be broken. A messy home is the sign of life and enjoyment. The aim isn’t the most perfectly styled home or the cleanest home on the block. A home is about having a safe space for your family to be themselves to grow and learn. It’s about creating a space that you look around and absolutely love because you took the time to carefully find pieces that resemble you and your family. Our children are little blessings which means the mess they bring along with them are as well. I encourage you to often choose to let the dishes wait until bedtime or let the dog lick the fallen crumbs, and create even more of a disaster playing with your kids. They will remember how you made them feel, not how perfect your home always was.