Perfectly Imperfect

November 2, 2020
by Karly
Our desire with Alabaster & Elm is to be authentic before you, laying bare our true selves. We believe that the essence of deep relationships are cultivated by transparency.

So here is my confession of the day: right now my life is “perfectly imperfect”. Most days it feels so thrilling to consider starting up a decor business, while days like today mostly feel daunting. As I look around my home, I feel swallowed in the mess.

I can be honest and say that there are dishes in my sink from two days ago, a coffee mug left in the microwave that I forgot I reheated and there are dead flowers in a vase sitting on top of the piano. A dust bunny just danced past my feet under the dinner table. The laundry has been sitting in that same chair in that same position, untouched for a week, maybe two? And that’s just some of what is so imperfect right now.

So why do I describe this as “perfectly imperfect” instead of just imperfect? It’s because of grace and perspective. When I look around at the mess, I am not disgusted at myself nor do I feel guilty. Instead, I am proud of myself for keeping my baby girl alive and fed this week. Humbled that God would entrust me with a living breathing being. Amazed by the fact that this little human is mine and I am hers. Grateful that I have a home to have a mess in. Thankful that I was able to delight in my neighbors this week. Honored to have an opportunity to cook dinner for a hurting family and the opportunity to spend time with a hopeless friend. Resting in the gift of getting to be present and not miss the little moments of sweetness. Content to have chosen rest and a nap when I needed it most.

I am learning that if I do truly believe that true friendship is built on transparency, then I shouldn’t scramble to clean like a crazy person before guests enter in. Instead, I have this sweet invitation to not only let folks into my home but also into my honesty. I can allow my week to be seen for what it is. It’s important to allow others to know I do not often have it all together and sometimes, I may even need help. I can honestly say that this mindset has led me to freer places. I am still on a journey but I can honestly say that I don’t feel nearly as weighed down by the fears and anxieties of appearance. Instead, I get to walk in steadiness and certainty that my identity does not lie in others opinions, but in the face of grace Himself.

My dear friends, the dishes will get cleaned, the dust bunnies will disappear and the laundry will make its way back into the drawers, all in due time. A clean home is an important and refreshing reality but what is fleeting deserves our most focused attention. Like... your child telling a silly story, that smile from across the room, helping with the math homework, your neighbors knock at the door, a snuggle with your pup. Aim to be present today because tomorrow it will be gone. Remember that your identity and your value does not come from how it all appears, but rather from the One who created it all.